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Eighth Annual Sheep & Goat Replacement Sale

Replacement quality Males and groups of 20 head of uniform Females in all breeds of sheep and goats are welcome! This special event for the sheep and goat industry was very well attended and successful the last seven years. Don`t miss this opportunity to consign early for this sale. You must call to confirm your consignment for this sale. Books are now open. All buyers must pre-register by Friday March 22, 2024.

Early Consignments:


80 head - yearling purebred Katahdin ewes exposed to purebred Katahdin bucks since November 1st

100 head - big growthy Dorp/Croix ewe lambs

100 head - Dorp/Croix ewe lambs

22 head - coming yearling exposed White Dorpers

150 head - yearling Dorp/Croix ewes exposed to White and Black Faced bucks lambing now, some will be sold as pairs

200 head - big growthy White Dorper and Black headed Dorper open ewe lambs

30 head - big growthy yearling 3/4 White Dorper 1/4 St. Croix sonogramed heavy bred ewes

35 head - baby toothed 3/4 White Dorper 1/4 St. Croix ewes sonogramed bred to Holman Powell Dorper bucks

30 head - Dorp/Croix ewe lambs

35 head - open Black headed Dorper ewe lambs (Norman Kohl bloodlines)

75 head - growthy yearling purebred Black headed Dorper open ewes Powell bloodlines


50 head - show quality yearling open Boer nannies

100 head - 3/4 Kiko open yearling nannies

100 head - 1/2 Kiko open yearling nannies

85 head - Red Boer open yearling nannies

47 head - Dapple open yearling nannies


Australian White bucks are a composite which is White Dorper, Van Rooy, Texel, & Polled Dorsett. When they are crossed with any recognized hair sheep breed they produce an American White.

6 head - yearling past American White bucks fertility tested

1 head - purebred Royal White buck fertility tested

5 head - high percentage White Dorper coming yearling bucks

10 head - Black Headed Dorper bucks

2 head - yearling Black headed Dorper bucks

2 head - yearling Royal White bucks


10 head - coming yearling to 2 year old Boer billies pasture raised

3 head - purebred coming yearling Boer billies

3 head - coming yearling 3/4 Boer billies

10 head - yearling and yearling past Boer billies Norman Kohls bloodlines

1 head - 2 year old Dapple billy

2 head - coming 2 year old Boer billies

Give us a call for more information:

Benny Cox 325.234.4277
Jody Frey 325.234.7895
Charley Christensen 325.234.4939
Mike Matthiesen 325.653.3371 (Buyer Register)

July 25, 2023 - The State of Texas is enforcing rules and regulations that have recently changed for livestock entering Texas. If these rules and regulations are not followed, then we will be unable to accept your consignment to sale. Proper tagging and documenation are required for all livestock.
For information, please call JR Hudson with Texas Animal Health Commission at 325.451.7869.
To order Scrapie Tags call the USDA office at 866.873.2824


We are looking for energetic people who are eager to work with cattle, sheep & goats on Tuesday & Thursday. You must be able to work in all weather conditions. Part time day labor up to full time employment available.
To apply come in & talk to Charley Christensen or Andy Knight
1131 N Bell Street  ~  San Angelo, TX 


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Livestock Auction Barn Hand

 Duties and Responsibilities are based on experience. 
We are looking for energetic people who are eager to work with cattle, sheep & goats, get along with others, willing to learn new things, take instructions and carry them out. You must be able to work in all weather conditions. There is full and part time work available.

Please Contact Andy Knight at
Producers Livestock Auction
1131 N. Bell St
San Angelo, Tx 76903
Phone # 325-653-3371

Large volume attracts more buying power. The greatest concentration of sheep and goat buyers from all around the United States where competition establishes the goat, lamb, Mexico export sheep market, and domestic Ethnic market. Take advantage of Producer's marketing services to assure yourself of getting full market value for your sheep and goats.

Our sheep and goat order buying division is buying livestock daily. For your private treaty sales or purchases call Benny Cox or David Quam at (325) 653-3371.

Producers Livestock Auction Company has been owned and operated by the Cargile family since 1954.  Producers serves the stockmen of West Texas with a sheep and goat sale every Tuesday and a cattle sale every Thursday.

Our number one goal is to provide a market for true price discovery to determine the actual value of your livestock.

  1. Strong Financial Background--over 69 years under Cargile family ownership.
  2. Open 7 days a week - 24 hours a day -we're always here to receive and load livestock.
  3. We keep your livestock separate from others so that we can properly feed them in advance of the sale for the optimum fill and minimize shrink, even adding weight back to livestock that has been hauled long distances to the sale.
  4. Professional sorting of livestock, so we can sell them in uniform groups.
  5. Excellent feed & water and facilities, along with a full-time feed crew.
  6. Regular sales, Special sales, & Private treaty sales, all available for customers convenience.
  7. Our employees work for us everyday and not just on sale days. Many of them have been with us for many years, giving a high level of expertise when it comes to handling your livestock.

We encourage you to call us for your marketing needs whether they are through the sale or private treaty. We do it all.

The Cargile Family