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Third Annual Sheep & Goat Replacement Sale
 Saturday, March 23, 2019 10:00 AM


Replacement quality Males and uniform groups of Females in all breeds of sheep and goats are welcome! Don`t miss this opportunity to consign early for this sale. The last two Specials have proven to be a big success for both sellers and buyers. You must call to confirm your consignment for this sale. Books are now open. All buyers must pre-register by Friday March 22, 2019.

Give us a call for more information:

Benny Cox 325.234.4277
Jody Frey 325.234.7895
Jake Wagner 325.234.8673
Mike Matthiesen 325.653.3371 (Buyer Register)

Early Consignments:

Hair Sheep Females

15 head - Registerable Royal White ewe lambs

30 head - purebred White Dorper coming yearlings

90 head - Dorp/Croix ewe lambs exposed to bucks since January 26

25 head - Dorp/Croix coming yearling ewes exposed to bucks since December and they will be sonogramed

100 head - big growthy yearling Dorp/Croix bred to McDonald & Hodges bucks to start lambing April

70 head - coming yearling bred Dorp/Croix lambing now

88 head - 1/2 to 3/4 Katahdin & Dorper cross ewe lambs exposed to bucks since November 8

100 head - big growthy Black headed Dorper cross open ewe lambs

50 head - Dorp/Croix open ewe lambs

50 head - fancy Dorp/Croix ewe lambs videoed for delivery late May early June

50 head - fancy Dorp/Croix ewe lambs videoed for delivery late May early June

50 head - fancy Dorp/Croix ewe lambs videoed for delivery late May early June

31 head - coming yearling Dorp/Croix bred to start lambing April 8th

20 head - big growthy coming yearling heavy bred Dorp/Croix

35 head - Black Head Dorper open ewe lambs

20 head - 2 year old Black Head Dorper ewes exposed to Registered Black Head buck since late December

10 head - White Dorper open ewe lambs

12 head - Registerable White Dorper ewe lambs

50 head - Fancy Dorp/Croix ewe lambs

30 head - Dorp/Croix yearling ewes

125 head - growthy Dorp/Croix ewe lambs

50 head - yearling Black Head Dorper cross ewes exposed

50 head - yearling Dorp/Croix ewes exposed

35 head - Dorp/Croix ewe lambs

20 head - fancy yearling and two year old Purebred Dorper open ewes

Buck Sheep

3 head - Registered Royal White yearling bucks

5 head - Registered Royal White buck lambs

3 head - coming yearling Purebred White Dorper bucks

4 head - yearling Dorp/Croix bucks

8 head - Registered yearling Shetland bucks

3 head - yearling Royal White bucks

10 head - both Black and White Headed Dorper cross yearling bucks

1 head - yearling Black Head Dorper buck

3 head - purebred yearling Black & White head Dorper bucks

7 head - yearling Dorp/Croix bucks

Wool Sheep

12 head - coming yearling Suffolk and Suffolk/Hamp bucks

20 head - yearling to 3 year old Suffolk ewes

Goat Females

150 head - high percentage Spanish nanny kids

25 head - open yearling Boer/Spanish cross nannies

Billy Goats

5 head - big growthy yearling Spanish billies

5 head - 5/8 Spanish 3/8 Boer yearling billies

10 head - big stout purebred yearling Boer billies

12 head - purebred Savannah yearling & 2 year old billies

3 head - purebred Kiko yearling billies

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Livestock Auction Barn Hand

 Duties and Responsibilities are based on experience. 
We are looking for energetic people who are eager to work with cattle, sheep & goats, get along with others, willing to learn new things, take instructions and carry them out. You must be able to work in all weather conditions. There is full and part time work available.

Please Contact Vernon Mansfield at
Producers Livestock Auction
1131 N. Bell St
San Angelo, Tx 76903
Phone # 325-653-3371



Ranch Work

 Cargile Cattle Company is looking to hire a Ranch Foreman/Hand. Must be willing to work in all aspects of ranching, have a strong work ethic, be reliable, works well with others and be willing to learn.   Based out of San Angelo, TX

 Please send resume to cchris@suddenlinkmail.com






We have moved the Fort Stockton Receiving Pens to:
Clay Williams 432-290-1272
52nd Lane Fort Stockton, Texas
4 miles North of I-10 off Hwy 1053
Turn right on Stone Road go to the second left which is 52nd Lane and follow the signs!
Receiving Cattle Wednesdays 8:30 AM
Truck leaves at 5:30 PM


Grain Futures Feeder & Live Cattle Futures

Large volume attracts more buying power. The greatest concentration of sheep and goat buyers from all around the United States where competition establishes the goat, lamb, Mexico export sheep market, and domestic Ethnic market. Take advantage of Producers marketing services to assure yourself of getting full market value for your sheep and goats.

Our sheep and goat order buying division of Concho Livestock Company is buying livestock daily. For your private treaty sales or purchases call Benny Cox or David Quam at (325) 653-3371.

Producers Livestock Auction Company has been owned and operated by the Cargile family since 1954.  Producers serves the stockmen of West Texas with a sheep and goat sale every Tuesday and a cattle sale every Thursday.

Our number one goal is to provide a market for true price discovery to determine the actual value of your livestock.

  1. Strong Financial Background--over 65 years under Cargile family ownership.
  2. Open 7 days a week - 24 hours a day -we're always here to receive and load livestock.
  3. We keep your livestock separate from others so that we can properly feed them in advance of the sale for the optimum fill and minimize shrink, even adding weight back to livestock that has been hauled long distances to the sale.
  4. Professional sorting of livestock, so we can sell them in uniform groups.
  5. Excellent feed & water and facilities, along with a full time feed crew.
  6. Regular sales, Special sales, & Private treaty sales, all available for customers convenience.
  7. Our employees work for us everyday and not just on sale days. Many of them have been with us for many years, giving a high level of expertise when it comes to handling your livestock.

We encourage you to call us for your marketing needs whether they are through the sale or private treaty. We do it all.

The Cargile Family