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Stocker & Feeder Calf Sales

2019 Stocker & Feeder Calf Sales Dates:

July 15 * August 12 * September 9 * October 14


This year we will hold 4 Special Stocker and Feeder Calf Sales.   We receive most of these calves Friday - Sunday before a Monday sale and spend the weekend sorting and feeding cattle as they come in.

Please turn in any vaccination or weaning information to a Consignor representative, check-in staff or our office before the sale so your cattle will be properly represented. You can pick up one of our weaning and vaccination forms from our information office or print it off of our website. Buyers can request information on vaccinations and/or weaning information relating to consignments if it has been made available to us by the consignor.

These sales are open to all small and large consignments.   Calf buyers have used these sales for years as a tool to buy some of the best calves West Texas has to offer. All calves & yearlings are welcome--weaned or not.

Sale time 10:00 a.m.

Weaning information and any other important details about the cattle will be announced as they are sold. Award winning cattle will also receive recognition as they come through the ring.


Vaccination information

December 14, 2017


The consignors listed below gave us some weaning or processing information on their cattle. Jody will try to keep you informed when these cattle come to the ring. We encourage all of our consignors to keep accurate vaccination and weaning records as we will try to make this type of document available to buyers at all of our weekly cattle sales.



Cattle with Weaning and/or Vaccination information:


Cargile Cattle-230 head         

Weaned 6 months and Vaccinated with 2 rounds of  Triangle-5 w/PHK & Vision-7, calves are Age and Source Verified w/ IMI Global EID eartags and have no implants


Dennis Ranch-9 head                                    

Weaned 180 days Vaccinated and on feed & grass


Tommy Hendry-41 head                              

Weaned July 26, 2017 Vaccinated with 2 rounds of Triangle-5, 2 rounds of Blackleg & wormed w/ pour-on


Greg Keith Napier-3 head                           

Weaned August 1, 2017 and Vaccinated with 7-way at marking, Booster of 7-way & Ultrabac-7 at weaning & wormed w/ Permectrin


Bob Brockman-16 head                                

Weaned August 17, 2017 Vaccinated with 2 rounds of 7-way, 2 rounds of Cattlemaster-Gold & running on grass w/ cake


Ben Forehand-10 head                                 

Weaned 90 days and Vaccinated with 2rounds of Bovishield


Glynn Hutto-2 head                                       

Weaned 90 days


Currie Jones-78 head                                    

Weaned 60 to 90 days and Vaccinated with 2 rounds of Vision-7,  2 rounds of Triangle-5 & wormed w/ Ivomec


Stapper Ranch-20 head                                

Weaned October 4, 2017 and Vaccinated with Alpha-7 w/MB


4 K Land & Cattle-61 head                           

Weaned since early October and Vaccinated with Blackleg and Nasal Enforce-3 at marking & 2 rounds of blackleg, 1 round of Bovishield-Gold at weaning


Justin Smith-44 head                                    

Weaned 60 days and Vaccinated with 2 rounds of Vision-7 & 2 rounds of Triangle-4 w/ PHK


Andy Smith-20 head                                      

Weaned 60 days and Vaccinated with 2 rounds of Vision-7 & 2 rounds of Triangle-4 w/ PHK


Judith Bond-2 head                                       

Weaned October 27, 2017 Vaccinated with Bovishield-Gold, w/VL5, Ultra Choice-8 at marking and a booster of Ultra Choice-8 & 2 rounds of Bovishield-Gold w/VL5 at weaning


Greg Schwertner-20 head                           

Weaned October 28, 2017 and Vaccinated with Covexin-8 & Bovishield-Gold on April 22, 2017 and Covexin-8, Bovishield-Gold and wormed w/ Dectomax at marking, all shots were given in neck.  Calves out of 44 Farms bulls and on feed and eating out of troughs


3 R Ranch-39 head                                          

Weaned 30 days and Vaccinated with Vision-7 w/ Somnus, Pyramide-5 w/ SQ and heifers have had lutalyse


Daniel Percifull-2 head                                

Weaned November 17, 2017 and Vaccinated with Vision-7 with 20/20 at marking


Olen Wilde-24 head                                      

Weaned and Vaccinated with Vision-7, Triangle-5 & on creep feed


Jim Hughes-14 head                                      

Vaccinated with Covexin-8 & Triangle-5


Ladd Hughes-7 head                                      

Vaccinated with Covexin-8 & Triangle-5


George Bunger-107 head                            

Vaccinated at marking with Covexin-8


Herring-20 head                                              

Vaccinated with 2 rounds of Virashield-6 & Covexin-8


Jordan Herring-2 head                                  

Vaccinated with Virashield-6 & Covexin-8


Edwin Tickle-16 head                                    

Vaccinated with Covexin-8


Lee Evans-9 head                                            

Vaccinated with Blackleg & Cattlemaster-5


Cattle Buyers:

There are several good groups of cattle in this sale. The ones listed above are the only ones that weaning or vaccination information was turned in to the office. Thank you all for attending today’s sale.

As always please call ahead with you consignments at 325-653-3371!