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Cattle Sales

Regular Cattle Sales 

Thursdays - 9:00 A.M. - Fridays when necessary. 

Each Thursday we hold our regular weekly cattle sales.  We hold a sale on Fridays if numbers dictate it.

We begin receiving several cattle by Monday & Tuesday, with the majority arriving on Wednesdays. Many smaller groups arrive on sale days-Thursday.

We pride ourselves on being able to hold and care for livestock well in advance of the sale.  We have a full time feed manager tending to the care of livestock.

When sale time comes, cattle will have been sorted into groups and are put through the ring in lots ranging from 1-150 head.

Large numbers of presorted, quality cattle are what draw our buyers.  A consistent group of professional buyers, buying cattle in an open competitive bidding situation is what makes true price discovery a reality in our market as we sell cattle from all over the state.


Call Jody Frey for more information on our regular cow sale at Producers.

Jody Frey - Cow Sales Manager, Office (325) 653-3371, Cell (325) 234-7895

Jake Wagner - Cow Sales Asst. Manager, Office (325) 653-3371, Cell (325) 234-8673

Charley Christensen - General Manager, (325) 234-4939

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